Evil Genius #Adulting

Advent Calendar Day: 23


Today’s drinker is about the name just about as much as it is the beer, this is to you, the #Adults!  We’ve no doubt that you’ve lived this particular hashtag quite a bit to get to this point, but if you haven’t, take the beer, leave the accolades. You’ve dealt with the presents, the food prep, the in-laws, and many more things we can’t begin to fathom, so celebrate yourself today with this Guava IPA, the finish line is close!  TL;DR: Pale & crystal malts expertly blended with Citra & Cascade hops for a creamy, smooth IPA that gets a #Adult Size infusion of all-natural guava for the tropical experience you almost certainly aren’t having if you’re drinking this on the 23rd!


Brewery Page – in case you want to know what the brewery says about it

Beer Advocate – in case you want to know what other beer drinkers think about it

Untappd – in case you love it and want to find it nearby