Virginia Beer Company Evil Santa

Advent Calendar Day: 24


If Santa were evil:

  • He’d make parents put together dastardly difficult toys on a tight deadline
  • He’d make people hide a stupid toy elf in a different spot every night
  • He’d make the best gifts the hardest to find (and throw in some competing bots just for chuckles)
  • He’d make global shipping routes fall apart just in time for Christmas
  • He’d make sugar cookies hard to bake, easy to break, and shockingly messy to decorate


What he wouldn’t do, though, is make a beer this amazing – a spiced milk stout with flaked oats, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice – to make all that other stuff just melt away. So either we’re fine, he’s not evil, or our friends at the Virginia Beer Company have our backs.


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