Devils Backbone Naughty or Nice IPA

Advent Calendar Day: 7


Deer diary,

Santa finally threw us the holiday party we’ve been asking for! I think Rudolph threatening to guide us through the Bermuda Triangle again might have convinced him. Nobody wants another debacle like ’84. Anyway, I had a delicious New England IPA from Devils Backbone which really got my antlers twirling. With a huge hop bill and the malts to match, it went down a little too easily. Before I knew it, Blitzen triple-deer-dared me to steal the wreath from Mrs. C’s front door. Seemed like a good idea at the time… until I got tangled up in a string of lights over the workshops on the way back, crashed through a skylight, and took out the entire baby shark toy divison. I doo-doo–doo-da-doo NOT think they’re gonna hit their Xmas deadline after the mess I made. Sorry, kids. Anyway, Cupid took my picture for the wall of shame and the rest, as they say, is history. Maybe I’ll stick to Bold Rock next year.

Hooves & Kisses,


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