Hi everyone. We’re looking to get a feel for how everyone is feeling about working right now. While this is not anonymous, because we will be contacting those of you who want to work, you will not be penalized for your answers in any way. We are trying to achieve two main goals with this survey:

  1. To see if we have enough employees willing to work to make a schedule that can handle our current amount of business, and
  2. To see who wants to apply for unemployment and who would prefer to continue working and getting a paycheck from us.

Our overall goal is to keep everyone as safe as possible while providing service to our community and when this is all over, have all of you still employed at Timberwood.

Again, please answer as honestly as possible. If you are concerned about getting sick from coming in to work, or you are concerned about getting your loved ones sick, or anything like that, please let us know. We do not want to ask anyone to work who feels unsafe, and you absolutely will not be fired, or given reduced hours, or retaliated against in any way when this is all over and everyone is ready to come back to work for any of your answers here. You will still have a job and are still an important part of the Timberwood family no matter what you answer here.

We’re looking into the government loans offered by the CARES act, and many of you have filed for unemployment. If the CARES act allows us to pay staff who aren’t working, you must have filled out this survey, so we at least know that you are still interested in working at Timberwood, for us to use that money to pay you. If you have filed for unemployment, please fill out the survey so we know not to pay you and ruin your unemployment benefits. Either way, it is very important that everyone spends 2 minutes filling it out. 

COVID-19 Survey
(if you work at both please select the one where you normally work the most hours)
How many hours would you like to be working right now?
Is that more, less, or the same number of hours as you normally work?
Why would you like to work that number of hours?
(select all that apply)
Do you understand the unemployment benefits/options that are available to you?
Would you like one of us to talk you through them?
Have you applied for unemployment?
Do you plan to?
Did you qualify?
If we could pay you about what you normally make just to stay home, would that be helpful?
(We have no idea if this is even possible. We're just asking, in case we figure out a way.)
Are you comfortable with the amount you'll be making from unemployment, or would you rather be working?
(1 - absolutely no concern at all         10 - completely terrified)
(1 - absolutely no concern at all         10 - completely convinced that we will)