Phase 1 Reopening!

We are excited to be (partially) reopening our outdoor seating area! We know you’ve missed being here, and we’ve missed seeing some fresh faces enjoying all this beer we have.

In order for us to reopen safely, efficiently, and legally, there are some guidelines that we as employees, and you as guests, will be encouraged and/or required to follow. We’ve tried to make this is as easy on everyone as possible! Here’s what we have:

  • We are seating by RESERVATION ONLY. This will allow us to avoid walkups, guests waiting in line, and any inadvertent overcrowding of our spaces.
  • Please call us at 434-975-3311 to make a RESERVATION.
  • We ask that you politely adhere to a two hour window for your dining experience so that others may get their turn.
  • We strongly recommend you wear a mask. We understand you can’t keep a mask on and drink your beer, but come Friday, you will be mandated to wear a mask indoors. We will have ours on for your safety; we ask that you do the same for us.
  • We’ll have all proper CDC policies and guidelines posted around the restaurant for anyone that wonders what we’re doing to keep the place clean and safe.
  • You’ll see us sanitizing A LOT. You’ll see everything spread out more than the recommended distancing. You’ll see foot traffic directed in ways to keep everyone safely distanced. You won’t see our faces or our bare hands, but they are friendly and soft.
  • Things have changed, and they may continue to change. We are doing our best to offer the Timberwood dining experience with everyone’s SAFETY being the first and utmost priority. If employee and guest safety isn’t that big of a concern for you right now, or you think the Phase 1 guidelines are unreasonable, we simply ask that you wait a little bit to come back. We’ll let you know when things change!
  • Takeout orders will still be done through our Grill to Go spaces, with customers remaining in their cars.
  • And, as always, be good to one another.

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